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What Are The Casting Alloy Solidification Mode?

Casting in the mold of the cooling process by measuring the temperature-time curve, you can determine the solidification of castings in a blink of an eye from the surface to the center of the State, namely, State of the layers in the casting section is: too, solidification, solid. Solidification of castings mainly in three ways.

① layer solidification: casting from the surface to the internal layer-by-layer solidification, the liquid-solid phase coexistence region may be mushy zone the minimum, or even, such as pure aluminum solidified.

② Paste solidification: all or most of solidification in liquid-and solid-phase coexistence region. Solidification of nodular cast iron, bronze.

③ intermediate solidification modes: solidification of the liquid is liquid, Pasty, solid-phase coexistence. It is between the layered solidification and paste a solidification mode of solidification, which is most of the casting alloy solidification mode, such as gray

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