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Impact Crusher How To Improve Production Efficiency?

Science and technology has been developing, breaking of inversed impact crusher is a new type of high efficiency equipment, its characteristics are: small size, simple structure, high crushing ratio, low energy consumption, high productivity, equal product granularity, and selective crushing effect. Inversed impact crusher has a very wide range of series.

Improved methods are: the original inspection manhole doors removed, made two on the right hinge, wedge bolts structure pressed on the left side, inside of the door panel to install gasket (using Fermat's old production), guarantees operation without risk of ash, repaired only need to open the flyers can greatly accelerated repair schedule to ensure equipment uptime. Counter type broken machine sides the has two a throttle, original not clear two a throttle of role, throttle basically in close State, led to Shang material volume once had big that caused rotor card died, only through boot shell cleanup or through grate article gap dredge of method to solution, two species method are time-consuming effort, after practice groping, through switch throttle of operation can significantly of reduced rotor card died phenomenon. Dang rotor clockwise direction turned Shi, upper material by left right mobile, at close right throttle can avoid material by inertia effect directly fly to grate article external, and opened left throttle, dang Shang material volume had big Shi, extra of material on will from left throttle overflow, and not for broken machine within material too much led to rotor card died, and broken machine within material not long, from left throttle jumped out of of material rarely, can guarantee broken efficiency, reduced equipment fault downtime rate, and vice versa. With the use of crusher, as hammer and bar wear, grate and grate and hammer of clearance growing material inside the crusher impact force and pressure drop through the grate discharge coarse particles, Shaker sieve and return material increase of inversed impact crusher, crushing efficiency, hammers ' loss of life.

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