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Hammer Crusher For Crushing Is Effective?

Broken universal selection of limestone hammer crusher, but there are some disadvantages of traditional hammering crusher, through research, to improve the original hammer crusher, upper rack integral structure to split structure, this structure makes it easy for repairing rotor, just left of subdivision shall be part of the move away from rotor can be suspended. Hammer Crusher rebuilding should note that cut the upper frame, welded on flanges, requires removal of stress, to make the whole machine Assembly performance. Wire arc R520 to R510, sieves and hammers the clearance reduction and ease of adjustment of wire-frame, when the hammers wear, wire frames can have plenty of adjust position. Wire frame plus 160mm, with 4 strips, increase the hammer Crusher work area, qualified grain products to discharge the crushing cavity, reduce the production of crushed, reducing the gravel load, to improve production capacity.

New variable multi-stage crushing for single-stage hammer crusher, Crusher liners, grate, Crusher hammers and other wearing parts are special casting core technology wear-resistant parts, designed to resist harsh wear conditions of limestone, limestone crushing advantage. Xinlong machinery vibration crusher for many years experience in research and development, improvements to Crusher equipment optimization is Xinlong machinery vibration level of expertise, the company can be customized according to the customer's specific needs special Crusher equipment.

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