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Alloy Chemical Composition On The Mechanical Properties Of Liner Of Wet-grinding Machine Have Any Effect?

China Metallurgical and mining (including iron ore, copper, lead, zinc, gold, etc) wet ball mill liner board, dominated by high manganese steel lining plate, a small number of enterprises to adopt high-chromium-containing high manganese steel lining plate or super high manganese steel lining plate. Liner of wet-grinding machine of mine, use of working conditions, both must withstand corrosion and must withstand the impact and wear. Only high manganese steel high toughness, good resistance to impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance properties. To adapt to the harsh working conditions of metallurgical mines, Jin Yangshi developed a good, moderate cost of low-carbon high-chromium steel liner instead of high manganese steel lining plate, respectively, 1.5*3.0M, and 2.7*3.6m ball mill, grinding of iron ore, the former life of up to 15 months, which can be up to 12 months behind, and more than the increase in life expectancy of high manganese steel lining plate 1 time. Main components of the lining material: w (c) =0.15%~0.30%, and w (Cr) =7.0%~10.0%, and w (Ni) =1.5%~2.2%, and w (Mo) =0.60%~0.80%, and w (Si) =0.30%~0.60%, and w (Mn) =0.40%~0.80%, and w (p) <0.035%, and w (s), <0.035%, and w (Ti) <0.18%. RE appropriate. the liner material after oil quenching and tempering hardness of 48~52HRC, impact toughness ak>50J/cm2; air cooling and low-temperature tempering hardness of 45~50HRC and impact toughness of ak>50J/cm2.

Carbon, chromium and nickel content on the properties of the effect as shown in the following figure (950~1050. C quenching +250. C and tempering), as the carbon content increases, the rising hardness of the alloy; AK toughness is decreased. Carbon mass fraction of 0.2%~0.25% range AK downward slowly, and the AK values is greater than 50J/cm2, the hardness is 49~52HRC. This performance is rare for mine wear-resistant lining. With the increase of chromium content, increase hardness, toughness AK values decline. Chromium mass fraction of 8.5%~9.2% alloys have good hardness and toughness. Nickel content has little effect on hardness, but significant improvement of toughness of. Improve impact toughness of AK values increasing nickel content, but when the w (Ni) after >1.60% AK impact toughness values increase to slow.

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