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What is wear-resistant cast steel temper embrittlement?


After the wear-resistant cast steel quenched martensite, in the process of tempering, with the increase of the tempering temperature and hardness and strength, ductility and toughness. However, in some cases, in a certain temperature range during tempering, toughness with the tempering temperature curve down, temper embrittlement phenomena occurred.

Wear-resistant cast steel in the process of tempering may occur in two types of brittle:

Is usually quenched martensite in 200~400du tempering temperature range, which appears in both temper embrittlement in carbon steel and alloy steel, it is independent of tempering cooling rate, even after tempering cold or reheated to the tempering temperature range, inevitable, this temper brittleness, called the first category temper brittleness.

Another brittle in some wear-resisting alloy steel these steel embrittlement occurred in the following two cases: 1. heating tempering temperatures above 600 degrees, slow cooling in 450~500du temperature range 2. direct in 450~550du temperature range heating tempering. This fragility can be used to heat to temperatures above 600 degrees, then rapidly cooling ways of eliminating them, the brittle temper embrittlement for second class.

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