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What are the characteristics of high chromium white cast?


In accordance with national standards of high chromium white cast GB/TB263-1999 has four brands: such as KmTBCr12, KmTBCr15Mo, KmTBCr20Mo, KmTBCr26. the Cr content is different. While grades and ingredient list, Mo content in 4 grades are equal to or less than 3%. In practice, however, more common are Cr15% trademarks used with Mo%, Cr26%-30% grade Mo0.5%-1%.

Note: all in standard c content of high chromium white cast iron are between 2%-3.3%, in fact, imported equipment, such as certain corrosion mechanism under the conditions of use of parts of slurry pump, carbon high chromium white cast only 1.5%-1.6%.

All cast iron, high CR white cast iron is the most wear-resistant material. Characterized by high hardness, 55-64HRC, matrix microstructure as Martensitic or austenitic, high strength and toughness. Microstructure of carbon M7C3 and Martensitic or austenitic composed. However, poor impact resistance of high chromium white cast, is not appropriate in serving under the condition of strong impact.

Cr8%-10%-containing medium chromium white cast iron   cast iron compared to the Ni-Hard4, both in the mechanical properties, and relative wear resistance are roughly, all domestic use   cast iron is relatively less.

In the copper mining industry, when in when subjected to strong impact of wet ground conditions, using the   cast iron effect.

Because of the Cr15Mo3 of high chromium white cast iron with Cr26Mo of high chromium white cast iron in slurry pump dredger, shot blasting machines and more, both mechanical and technological properties of high chromium white cast shows. Although the raw-material prices fluctuate, but in recent years, molybdenum and ferrochrome prices than 10~20:1. So Cr26Mo1 is lower than the Cr15Mo price.

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