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How to solve the hardness and toughness of the material matches the problem?


To solve the problem of match hardness and toughness of the material, and late in the 1930 of the 20th century, United States team chromium mass fraction 10%~30% researches the alloy white cast iron, back to chromium mass fraction is greater than 12%, the carbide cementite into Cr7C3 carbides, high hardness, organizations form as a daisy-shaped and massive, willful substantially increase. Chromium mass fraction is greater than 11% in high chromium cast iron, chrome, carbon content ratio of more than 4.5. Carbides in high-hardness-M7C3 under these conditions almost completely replaced M3C carbides. M7C3-hexagonal-shaped carbide rods and curved noodle-shaped distribution in the matrix. Compared to conventional cast iron and low chromium white cast iron, can be considered carbides in high chromium cast iron is not continuous, and the matrix is the continuous phase. In other words, the damaging effects of carbides on the substrate is greatly reduced and willful than ordinary white cast of high chromium cast iron cast iron and low chromium white cast iron. M7C3-carbide hardness is very high, 1300~1800HV, carbide hardness only M3C 800~1200HV, M7C3 formation of carbides give cast iron with high hardness. Appropriate by adding other alloying elements and heat treatment, can obtain different kinds of high chromium cast iron matrix structure in order to meet a variety of different conditions on properties of wear-resistant materials requirements. High chromium cast iron has been widely applied in many fields, such as the lining of the ball mill, grinding ball, impact crusher flat hammer, rolling mill rollers, etc. Development of high chromium cast iron, all kinds of alloy steels due to its high flexibility, low cost and good wear resistance and can be developed. In the condition of low-impact or no impact, high chromium cast iron and alloy steel with excellent price-performance ratio instead of high manganese steel. A case study of ball mill liner, until in the 1960 of the 20th century are made of high manganese steel, 70 after being replaced with alloy steel and high-chromium cast iron. As well as no universal equipment, there is no universal wear-resistant materials. Three generations of wear-resistant materials have different characteristics, still in different applications under a wide range of operating conditions.

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