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How to make summer job Crusher consumables to reduce consumption


How to make summer job Crusher consumables to reduce consumption

With the arrival of July or August, the temperature is getting higher and higher, Jaw Crusher in the normal work, produce heat itself, plus high outdoor temperature, Jaw Crusher consumable consumption is growing, without proper measures, will raise production costs, even with normal production.

Due to the high speed operation of the machine, the power consumed because of friction, all converted into heat and cause an increase in temperature of the friction parts. When you use oil for lubrication, constantly absorb heat from the friction surface to be disseminated, or to supply a certain quantity of oil will be tropical, temperature of the friction surface decreases. Jaw Crusher consumables while working at high temperatures, preferred must be bearings should always pay attention to temperature, to keep good lubrication conditions, and pay attention to sound and vibration are no exception. If found to be properly, shut down immediately and check, identify the cause, confirm the objects that are not easily broken stuck or a hammer and other parts were damaged.

In addition, the crusher Jaw Crusher consumables of granular material in which requirements must be met, material strength in Crusher can process within a maximum intensity. In addition, in the process of breaking, crushing cavity of iron, such as breaking into which should be prevented. When feeding material crushing when mixed together, there are various materials strength, strength of materials protection strength of materials, thus reducing the strength of smaller items broken probability and product size.

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