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Gear plate and brackets on Crusher parts features


Bracket on Crusher parts and gear characteristics

Crusher accessory is on top of the crusher all kinds of wearing parts, these wearing parts as spare parts for crushers, crushing machine plays a big role, is under a lot of pressure, so wear and tear can lead to vulnerable, will affect the normal work of the Crusher.

Crusher accessory-bracket feature: bracket is the result of engineers for accurate calculation of iron castings. Dang jaw type broken machine in the of work over usually of load Shi (that is Dang machine in the fall into has not can broken of material Shi, will caused machine load), jaw type broken machine load work of situation Xia, is big degree Shang will caused elbow Board of immediately broken, with of and to of is caused broken machine shutdown, elbow Board of benefits is can automatically suspended machine work, to avoid jaw type broken machine of damaged.

Crusher parts-gear characteristics: due to Jaw Crusher teeth plate is divided into two main types, they are the fixed jaw and movable jaw, cut jaw material is made from manganese steel castings, in the accessories used are very high quality material. And Yifan machinery design, in order to extend the life of Jaw Crusher, jaw shape on the upper and lower symmetry of design. Benefits of this design is that when one side of the jaw plate wear occurs, can turn around the jaw, then machines can work properly.

Because the activities of Crusher parts gear and fixed gear plate, the location of the two parts, mainly in the affordability of the stone-breaking the machine main areas and activities plate is installed on the machine above the moving jaw, preserving the main effect of the moving jaw is movable tooth plate.

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